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Our amazing students are looking for real projects from real customers. Hyper Island students are creative, forward-thinking and equipped with tools and methods for solving complex tasks. Working with them will give your company a tailored product based on your needs. Sign up for a Learning Partnership today!


Being a Learning Partner

Learning partnerships give our students the chance to work with real clients on live projects. This helps make them ready for the real world. By being a Learning Partner, you contribute to the quality of their education and the future of your industry. Depending on the project, you work with a team of students or all students in a program for usually 4-6 weeks. 

Think of the students as an agency or consultant. How, when, and where you work during the time of the project is up to you. Just set the right expectations during your first meeting. Important is that you set aside time and resources for the students in “your” team during the project and that you are truly present. The more you engage, the better the final result will be. 

Upcoming projects

Customer-driven design

adc视频在线观看Kickstart your UX journey under the guidance of our students. In this 3 month project, you will have a dedicated team of second-year UX Designer students that will analyze your customer experience, to help you design services that correspond with real-life needs.

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Digital Transformation

adc视频在线观看What can you do today to thrive in 5 years? How might you meet the needs of your customers in the future? Student teams will present documented research of your needs and challenges, a strategic plan, concept, and/or prototypes for moving your organization forward.

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3 Day Design Sprint with Digital Media Creative!

adc视频在线观看The next Sprint with our students will be with the Digital Media Creative Programs – one in Stockholm and one in Karlskrona! This will be a part of their Studio projects so here you have a great oppurtunity to explore all creative areas in connection to the digital business landscape.

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Looking for more projects?

Be sure to sign up for updates from our Learning Partnership team to learn more about upcoming opportunities for you and your business. We will be in touch around four times a year but are always available to connect and discuss your needs.



Learning Partnerships Hyper Island, COVID-19 (Stockholm, last updated 2020.03.31)

Update 2020.03.31: This is now a “business as usual” state, as we follow the guidelines from Folkhälsomyndigheten. Our education, our students, and co-workers are working and collaborating remotely until we have received new intel, or guidelines from the authorities. 

Dear clients, 

Hope you are all well, and that the current situation connected to Covid-19 is manageable for you and your companies. We would like to share with you how we here at Hyper Island will be working, and how we act in regards to covid-19 and the impact it has on our society. 

Firstly, all the student and client projects and the school will be up and running without any cancellations. However, we have made a decision to move our whole Stockholm school, and Karlskrona school from physical to fully online. This means that all the programs will have all their education online (lectures, meetings, workshops, and communications). This is a proactive decision, also to cater to our collaborator’s internal guidelines and ways of approaching this new situation. 

What does this mean for you as a Learning Partner in a project? 

The only impact this will have on our collaboration, and your work with our students is that we recommend and request you to keep all meetings online. This means that alignment, communication channels, and collaboration are extra important from the beginning, to make this as smooth as possible for you, and for the students. 

We have extensive experience in working and delivering education, and client deliveries online, and we have the infrastructure, the tools, and the ways of working/best practices ready for our students. They will also be able to cater to you in this. 

Tips and tricks going remote, 

As the world is moving remote, companies and people will need more efficient and human-centered ways of collaborating online. It’s not just about tech, it’s also about well being, connection, vulnerability, and basic human needs of inclusion, control, and affection. 

To support this, we recommend all our collaborators to continuously check-in on needs, as they will change and progress throughout this time. Week one vs week 2, 3, and 4 will be an important aspect to keep track of to maintain engagement, motivation, energy, and focus. Humans are social animals, and how can we best be social online? What personal needs do we have in this? How can we support each other? What routines do we need to maintain our focus? 

We also know that not all people and companies are used to remote work and distributed team collaboration. This is why we will also encourage our students to support you as Learning Partners with frameworks, tools, and ideas on how to best collaborate in our student projects. Ask them, be fearless, and see this as an opportunity to learn together. 



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